Monday, September 13, 2004

Jekyll and Hyde?

While trolling a White Sox chat room, I saw an interesting suggestion: The White Sox are a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” team because after scoring a ton of runs one game, the offense goes in the tank the next.

This is undoubtedly the product of the Pale Hose beating the Angels 13-6 on Saturday and losing to that same Anaheim team the next night 11-0.

For fun, I thought I’d see if this is true: if the Sox are particularly inept at scoring runs in games following offensive explosions.

First, let me explain that my operational definition of an offensive explosion is 10+ runs in a game. The Sox have scored in double figures 21 times this year.

Game After: 5.2 runs per game
Season Avg: 5.35 runs per game

Not much of a difference there. The runs scored after 10+ offensive nights is marginally lower than the season average, but after you consider that it’s those 10+ games that are the statistical outliers that bring the season average up, it makes sense that taking those games out of the mix would lower the average.

So the Sox are not a Jekyll and Hyde team. It only seems that way to Sox fans when they’re losing.